2015 Champ of Champs 
                                    Josephsons 2017 at hornsby rifle range 
Well done to the MDRA  F Open team and the TR team with their win! 
                 MDRA Champion of Champions Results

                                                                                       2015 WS Josephson 

                                                                            City V's Country 2015

                                                                                                           City Team 

                                     MDRA Champion of Champions Results 



                                                  WS Josephson at Hornsby results 2013

2011-2012 MDRA CHAMPION of CHAMPIONS Results


2010-2011 MDRA Champion of Champions Results

Saturday the 2 June 2012 saw the MDRA Champions of Champions held.

Senior TR was won by John Brooker from Yorkshire with 100.14

 U25 TR was won by Jessica Bale from Concord with 98.10

 U18 TR was won by Chris Schwebel from Holsworthy with  97.8

 F Standard was won by David Bridges from Bankstown-Chatswood with 118.12

 The competiton started at 300 Metres with overcast conditions and a forecast of light rain, during the second range 600 Metres light rain commenced to fall.  The competition moved to the third range 700 Metres but light rain started and continued to get heavier.  Shooting was stopped due to the heavy rain on several occasions and recommenced only to be stopped again.  Checks of the Bomb radar indicated the rain would only get worse so the MDRA made the decision to declare the competition after the first two ranges, given the rain that followed it was a good decision.  The winners shot extremely well in the conditions and the scores were of a high level.  Top four shooters in the senior section of TR were separated by centres only.

 Full results were:-



2009-2010 MDRA Champion of Champions Results

The 2009-2010 M.D.R.A. Champion of Champions match was contested on Saturday 19th February 2011 at 300, 600, 700 & 800 metres possible score for TR 200, F Standard 240, winners in each grade were

Target Rifle "Ä"grade, Angus Bell,  Port Jackson 50-8, 50.7, 50.8, 50.4 = 200-27, 2nd O Hook 199-19, 3rd H Wood 198-25.

Target Rifle "U/25"  Jessica Bale, Concord 47-2, 49-5, 49-6, 49-4 = 194-17, 2nd C Gad 193-14, 3rd E Cartwright 189-17

Target Rifle "U/18"  Chris Schwebel, Holsworthy 40-2, 42-1, 44-2, 44-2 = 170-7

"F" Standard Steve Hart, Rail & Tram 60-7, 60-6, 59-6, 56-1 = 235-20, 2nd G Vick 234-17, 3rd J Hammond 233-16

MDRA TR Team triumphs during State DRA Team competitions

The Sydney Based Metropolitan District Rifle Association (MDRA) managed to overcome all opposition in winning the 2010 States DRA teams championships. Given the strong team opposition within NSW this win is quite a significant achievement. This success is even more noteworthy when records show this win was the 5th in a row for this DRA.

This DRA Teams competition is competed for on an annual basis, and held during a weekend that’s dedicated to team shooting, with the DRA Team competition on the Saturday and the prestigious City vs Country match on the Sunday. Both these competitions are highly respected as they provide a source for future team representative selections.

Further research reveals that two team members have been in all five winning teams – Michael Millen and Angus Bell.  And four members (Michael, Angus, Barbara and Donna) have been in the last four teams.  Michael Millen is keen to continue this team representation but considers he will need to change his surname to either “Bell” or “Negus” to have a chance for future selection.

Its noteworthy that Steve Negus, Donna Negus, Angus Bell and Barbara Bell are all members of the current NSWRA and Australian Palma Teams. So these types of DRA competitions do provide a solid basis for future representative selections.


Shooters : Michael Millen, Angus Bell, Barbara Bell, Steve Negus, Donna Negus

Coach: Rick Ashton

Winning Score: 620.74


Shooters : Michael Millen, Angus Bell, Barbara Bell, Steve Negus, Donna Negus

Coach: Tony McGuigan

Winning Score: 622.67


Shooters : Michael Millen, Angus Bell, Barbara Bell, Donna Negus, Clive Halnan

Coach: Steve Negus

Winning Score: 623.84


Shooters : Michael Millen, Angus Bell, Barbara Bell, Donna Negus, Steve Jacobs

Coach:Tony McGuigan

Winning Score: 620.62


Shooters : Michael Millen, Angus Bell, Andrew Wilson, Tom Ryan, Andrew Sims

Coach: Tony McGuigan

Winning Score: 623.74



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