Annual Affiliation Fees to the MDRA No.1

Persons who are members of rifle clubs who use the Anzac rifle Range Facility at Franklin Street, Malabar (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia) pay affiliation fees to the MDRA No.1 annually via their club membership subs. The MDRA No.1 is a non profit organization and the executive of the MDRA No.1 are nominated via their respective clubs to serve on the MDRA No.1 and co-ordinate shooting on the Anzac Rifle Range facility, fees collected pay for maintenance and up keep of targets, etc.

2014-2015 affiliation fees are now :-

Full membership $46.00
Pensioners (Pension card number required) $41.00

Under 21 $41 

The above fees are paid annually via each club using the facility when they complete their annual return to the MDRA No.1

Previous years fees were:-

Full membership $45.00
Pensioners/Students $40.00

2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012,
Full membership $40.00
Pensioners/Student $35.00

Full membership $35.00
Pensioners/Student $25.00

Full Membership $30
Pensioner/Student $20


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